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Manual Fruit Juicers


Automatic Orange Juicers


Automatic Pomegranate & Grapefruit Juicers


New Hydraulic Pomegranate Press awarded by Design Week 2018

Squeezing in 8 seconds

The 8 seconds quick press system provides you to squeeze many citrus fruits together as well as an easy and fast squeezing process.

Double Strainer System

Thanks to its double strainer feature it passes less fruit pulp and by removing the bottom strainer you can get pulpy fruit juice if desired.

Cover with Safety Switch

Thanks to the safety switches located on the product, the machine does not work when the cover is open and allows you to squeeze the fruit safely without causing any work accident

Mixed Squeezing

You can squeeze citrus fruits such as lime, pomegranate, orange, grapefruit, tangerine and lemon all together thanks to the large strainer table and you can get more juice in a short time

Spare Upper Strainer

With the spare strainer provided with the product, you can keep juicing  fruits on the spare strainer without waiting for cleaning of the other strainer

Fruit Reservoir

Fully Stainless fruit reservoir contains 7 kgs of fruits

Electrical & Manual Can Openers


Pineapple Peeler


Pre-rinse Faucets