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Manual and automatic orange, pomegranate, grapefruit, lemon squeezing machines, washing equipment, can openers,

peeling machines and more …

About Us

CANCAN was founded in 1958 by the late Salih Özüuğurlu in its production center
Ankara, in order to serve the food sector with repairing of orange squeezing
machines, kitchen appliances and following with the production of these

As the second generation, Tunç ÖZÜUĞURLU who took over the management in
1984 and continues to manage the company, saw that the foodservice industry
would develop more and more in Turkey. In 1994, the company received the
trademark registration.

The company located in Ankara, İvedik Organized Industrial Zone, started its
production in Sakarya since the year 2000. Today the Company CANCAN, produces
manual and automatic orange juicers, pomegranate-grapefruit-lemon juicer
machines, washing equipments, can openers and peeler machines in its 3200
squaremeters production facility together with the help of Cnc machines and
milling machines by shaping the metals, under one roof.

Production Capacity and Exporting

The annual production capacity of the company is around 50 thousand units. CANCAN, who attaches great importance to exporting, exports 35 percent of its production. Our primary goal is to become a sought-after brand worldwide with our quality.

Annual Growth Rates

Since 2016, our company has grown by 20% and 25% each year. The company exports directly to 5 continents and 30 countries and continues to search for new markets.

Competitive Structure

CANCAN, who prioritizes research and development and devotes a significant part of its annual turnover to R & D activities, competes with world brands with its innovative equipment.


Besides the production of industrial kitchen equipment and food preparation machines in accordance with the sector’s developments and demands, CANCAN produces special machines that are not produced in Turkey before or that are in very few numbers produced.
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